Cake stand Rentals

Choose a cake stand to compliment your cake. Cake stand rentals range from $15 - $45 plus a refundable deposit when the stand is returned in its original condition.

wedding cake Rentals

Yup! You read that right...

We'll soon have a variety of beautiful wedding cakes that you can rent (but not eat)! These cakes are made of styrofoam but are decorated to look like a real cake and your guests will never know the difference. This is a great option for a number of reasons:

  • If you're on a  budget (cake rentals can be a fraction of the cost)

  • If you want the "WOW" factor for photos

  • If you're having another type of dessert instead of cake

  • If you would rather not contribute to food waste (there's always leftover cake)

  • Two words: Cake Emergencies! It happens... thankfully not often - cake decorators are only human and accidents or illness can happen right before your cake is due. In this situation I can guarantee your cake decorator and wedding planner will be in complete panic mode. Relax - we've got you covered so at least you'll have a gorgeous focal point for your reception.

Custom Cake Toppers

We make custom cardstock cake toppers for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc... anything you can think of! Ask us for details.

Cake Topper Sample.jpg